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Soon we will start the virtual tour of the Komárno Fortress and then we will add other important historical monuments from Komárno and the surrounding area.

You, too, can join and support the project, and every financial and implementation aid is welcome. If you are interested in supporting our project, please email us at: komarno360@gmail.com or click HERE


The project will be implemented with the latest technology of mapping and photo shoot space using cameras Matterport Pro2 3D

Experience a visit to the Komárno fortress anywhere and anytime,  even from the 

comfort of your home.

The only system for capturing and mapping objects and spaces that will provide you with realistic, interactive 3D and VR experiences, which will bring you closer to the beauty of the historic fortress in Komárno, as if you were walking there real-time 24/7, 365 days a year. One of the advantages of the virtual tour of is also barrier-free access.

Dollhouse View | Komárno 360° | Interaktívne 3D a VR

New perspective

Use the "Dollhouse View" to see the whole property at once.

Take a look at "Inside View" for an interactive walkthrough experience.

Join the "Virtual Reality" to be truly immersed - as if you were actually there.

Dollhouse View

Interaktívny zážitok | Komárno 360° | Interaktívne 3D a VR

Inside View

Virtuál Reality

Virtuálna realita | Komárno 360°
Viruálna realita | Komárno 360°
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Interaktívny zážitok | Komárno 360° | Interaktívne 3D a VR
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